Workshop Details - Two and a half interactive days with small teams or partnerships to discuss and integrate concepts. The experience is exciting, driven by powerful exercises and powerful music. Participants take a toolbox full of processes home to use daily, in the NOW, to improve the quality of their life and business.  At the workshop you will practice the processes, discuss them, and practice them again until they are fully understood and each participant knows how to apply them to create what they want.

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Workshop Format - Typically we begin Friday evening after dinner for a few hours, then go all day Saturday and into Sunday evening. Workshops can be held at private residences or in a facility. We prefer small, informal groups. Dress is always casual, comfortable clothing. Please bring a notebook and pens/pencils.

At the Workshop - We will help you address issues like: depression, anxiety, guilt, physical disease, sadness, fear, overwhelm, etc. Most people are running old programs, neuro-scripts from childhood that do not serve them as adults. Once a person becomes aware of these unconscious responses to life situations, they are able to take their power back. We will help you to dissolve old negative patterns and beliefs and create new empowering neuro-scripts. You will learn to write a New Story for your life to create any reality you choose - in relationships, career, finances, health, etc.

Quantum Life Changes processes cannot be found elsewhere, they must be learned at a Quantum Life Changes Retreat or Workshop. When used daily, they can dramatically raise your vibrational frequency, allowing you to receive more of what you desire, preparing you for a new awakening and a new exciting life.

Workshop or Retreat Follow-Up Program is also available to anyone who has been to a training with Cardell and Linn.

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