We have been on a journey of self-discovery for many years. We have studied with many Masters, and taken the best of what we learned into our lives to improve the quality of our lives and advance us in our spiritual awakening. Because we are also teachers, we have been teaching others what we have learned through research, schooling and personal application. We have spent over 8 years developing a series of easy to use processes that we teach in our seminars and retreats, and have witnessed hundreds of others having the same success in their lives.

Some of our processes are modified versions of what we learned from other Masters, some are our own creations, based upon our spiritual awareness. Some were channeled directly from source. The important thing is that they work, when applied on a regular basis. They can help you:

  • Live in peace and harmony
  • Experience more joy in life
  • Live in a dominant state of well-being
  • Reduce or eliminate stress
  • Connect with Inner Being/Higher Source
  • Attract what you want into your life
  • Quiet the chatter in your mind

These processes will be in the book we will be finishing sometime during the next year, Quantum Life Changes, but we have been guided to get them out right away and give them freely, so we are including as many of the processes as possible on this page, linking to pages with detailed explanations of how to use the process.

One of the biggest obstacles we have noticed in working with students is that the processes are so simple, they are easy to dismiss. Some people simply won't apply them with any regularity, and consequently, they experience little or no change in their life conditions. As we stated earlier, the processes must be applied regularly.

We, personally, use at least three or four of them every single day, and the rest of them several times a month, at different times based upon what we feel we need. Having applied them in our lives for years, we are very in-tune with what we need to include in our practices to improve and advance. You, on the other hand, are probably new to this and will want to try as many as possible a few times until you can get a feel for what you wish to include daily.

We will offer suggestions, based upon our experience, of what we think you should do every day, and several times a week. If you do these things, you are going to have a magical life change. We guarantee it. Every single person who applies these processes daily and regularly (as in 2 or 3 times a week) has experienced profound life change.

You have no idea how much we love you. You are our brothers and sisters and it is our great desire that you prosper in every area of your life, attracting an abundance of love, peace, joy and whatever else you wish to attract.

Cardell Smith and Linn Vermilion Smith

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Daily Mantra - This is to be memorized and used throughout your day and night as a reminder to focus on the positive.

The New Story - If you do only one thing on a daily basis, this is it. While meditation is of utmost importance, this is the one processes that we do every day of our lives, without fail.

Meditation - The Energy Balancing Meditation, channeled to Linn, is a Chakra clearing meditation using sounds and vibration. Many people say they have never been able to meditate before experiencing this. Some people have profound 'Connection with Inner Being' experiences the very first time they do it.

Appreciation - Living in a dominant state of appreciation will make your life magical and allow more abundance in all areas of life to flow into your experience.

The Secret to You

Short Version - Long Version

This is a beautiful short video created by the makers of "The Secret" which we watch almost every morning. It is a great help in lifting the vibrations. The short version is on their website, the long version is on YouTube.

Values - Working on Values is one of the easiest ways to attract more of what you want in life.

Beliefs - Most people live their lives running old, disempowering scripts from childhood that do not serve them as adults. Rewriting those nuero-scripts can change your life and bring more joy into it!

Stopping Thought

The Inner Being Mind Journey

Manifesting in the Grid Mind Journey

The QLC Model


Other Resources from Our Retreat Manual



Time Space Physicality Model

Thought, Emotion and Feeling

The Quantum Field

Universal Truths


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